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Youth Coordinator of LCAHY Criticizes SNL for Promoting Youth Drinking • 5/17/2020

May 17th, 202


Teens for Healthy Youth Coordinator for the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth, Laura Pirkey, reacted to NBC’s Saturday Night Live skit showing children drinking to help families cope with the stress of COVID-19. The skit repeatedly said, “let kids drink” and showed very young children drinking. See the SNL skit at In her op-ed, Laura Pirkey expressed concern because research proves that youth are influenced by social media and that adolescents are at-risk for drug use and addiction. The SNL skit is easily accessible to youth via the internet. LCAHY’s youth coordinator asked SNL to be more responsible in their content and encouraged citizens to contact NBC to remove the skit from the internet. Pirkey’s op-ed was published in the Island Packet and Bluffton/Hilton Head Sun Newspapers. View the op-ed below. For helpful resources for coping with COVID-19 in positive ways visit LCAHY’s website at

Island Packet Opinion Section May 17th, 2020


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