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Community Board

Executive Committee:

  • Wendy Cummings, RN BSN– Chair

  • Jim Berl, Esq.  – Treasurer

  • Francine Norz-Tobin, Esq.  –  Recording Secretary

  • Loretta Novince, Ph.D. – LCAHY Consultant/DFC Grant Principal Investigator 


Community Board:

Our community board is strongly represented throughout the areas of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. Each member represents a sector, as seen below, creating a catalyst of knowledge, skills, and passions to create change and actively pursue decreasing substance use/abuse and related risk behaviors among local area youth.


Community Board Members:

James Berl, Esq.
Youth Serving Organization: Island Rec Center

David Burke
Health Professional: Burke's Pharmacy

Marilyn Calore
Health Professional

Tia Campanella
Business: Shear Faith

Wendy Cummings, RN BSN
Health Professional: Cross Schools

David Martin
Business: Piggly Wiggly

Erin Pawlak

Health Professional

Joy Nelson

Aviana Stevens

Youth Sector 

Francine Norz-Tobin, Esq.
Government: 14th Circuit Solicitors Office

Jill DelGuercio
School: Hilton Head Christian Academy

Loretta Novince, Ph.D.
Health Professional: Psychologist

Lynn Geiger Ph.D.
Health Professional: Psychologist

Cheryl George
Health Professional: Bluffton High School

Officer Terry Harden
Law Enforcement: Bluffton PD

SLED Agent Chandler Horney
Law Enforcement: SC Law Enforcement Division

Grey Cummings
School: Cross Schools

Marty Pauls, DDS
Civic Organization: Rotary

Galen Sturup-Comeau
Substance Abuse Agency: Beaufort Co. BCADAD

Lt. Craig Washington
Law Enforcement: SRO/Beaufort Co. Sheriffs Dep.

Cheryl Rodriguez
Parent Sector

Jennifer Weidner
Parent Sector

Katarina Lech, Pharm. D.
Health Professional: Pharmacist

Florentina Hartley
School: Hilton Head Island High School

Mary Burke
School: Hilton Head Island High School

Tiffanie Elrod
School: May River High School

Veronica Llambias
School: May River High School

Alvilda Graham
School: Beaufort County

Ronda Stevens Ph.D.
Health Professional

Pastor Geoffrey Lawson
Faith Based Sector

Susie Maurer

Health Professional

Cara Vercellone

Civic Sector

Sharon Brown

Schools: Bluffton High School

April Smalls

Schools: Bluffton High School


  • Laura Pirkey, M.Ed – DFC Grant Program Director/ Teens for Healthy Youth Coordinator

  • Kathy Brookshire, MPH – DFC Grant Project Coordinator 

THY School Advisors:

Bluffton High School - Cheryl George, Laura Pirkey

Cross Schools - Wendy Cummings, Grey Anne Cummings

Hilton Head Christian Academy - Jill DelGuercio

Hilton Head Island High School - Mary Meghan Burke, Florentina Hartley

Hilton Head Preparatory - Abby Frey

May River High School - Tiffanie Elrod, Veronica Llambias 

Student Interns:

  • THY Hilton Head Christian Academy - Juliet Blackwell & Sophia Blackwell - Summer 2024

  • THY May River High School - Ashlyn Elrod - Summer 2024

  • THY Bluffton High School - Aviana Stevens - Summer 2024

  • THY Cross Schools - Aya Banigbe - Summer 2024

  • CofC - Ella McCarthy - Summer 2024

  • USCB - Ethan Barrera - Annual Intern 2024

  • USCB - Department of Public Health - Jaci Coleman - Fall 2023

  • THY - Bluffton High School, Ben Vaught and Amber VanHorn - Summer 2023

  • THY - Cross Schools, Payton Ward - Summer 2023

  • THY - Hilton Head Preparatory - Jacob Pirkey - Summer 2023

  • THY Hilton Head Christian Academy - Jillian Campanella - Summers 2022, 2023

  • THY Bluffton High School - Anna Gustowski - Fall/Winter 2022

  • THY Bluffton High School - Emily Henderson - Winter 2023

  • THY – May River High School, Kylie Nelson – Fall 2021/ Spring 2022 

  • USCB - Grey Cummings – Spring 2021

  • USCB - Department of Public Health, Parker Sellers – Spring 2020

  • USCB - Department of Public Health, Tia Bowers & Ti Gilliard – Spring/Summer 2019

  • Liberty University - Adelynn Helms – Summer 2019

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