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Strategic Planning

LCAHY uses SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), which assists coalitions in developing the infrastructure needed for community-based public health approaches leading to effective and sustainable reductions in ATOD use and abuse and related risk behaviors.


LCAHY implements the required elements of the SPF, which includes:

  1. Assessment: Collect data to define problems, resources, and readiness within a geographic area to address needs and gaps.

  2. Capacity: Mobilize and/or build capacity within a geographic area to address needs.

  3. Planning: Develop a comprehensive strategic approach that includes policies, programs, and practices creating a logical, data-driven plan to address problems identified in the assessment.

  4. Implementation: Implement evidence-based prevention strategies, progras, policies and practices.

  5. Evaluation: Measure the impact of the SPF and the implementation of strategies, programs, policies and practices.

The elements of sustainability and cultural competence – central to community-based approaches – are shown in the center of the graphic indicating their importance to each of the other elements.

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