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LCAHY Distributes Deterra Bags to Local Oral Surgeon, Dentist, and Pharmacy

Marty Pauls provides deterra bags to Dr. Matt Mastrorocco of ROC Dental.LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) Board Member, Dr. Martin Pauls DDS, distributed over 100 deterra bags to an oral surgeon, a dentist office, and the Bluffton Pharmacy. Placing the deterra bags in these locations will allow individuals convenient opportunities to properly dispose of prescription medicines and prevent medicine abuse. Dr. Pauls is open about his own son’s struggle with medicine abuse that resulted in death. He hopes his efforts can prevent others from accessing and abusing prescription medications. LCAHY works to educate about misuse of prescription drugs and has purchased Rx drop boxes for Bluffton Police Department and the Bluffton Beaufort County Government Building. LCAHY’s Rx Fact Card, which identifies locations where medicines can be dropped off year-round, is distributed through LCAHY members and provided at community events.


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