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LCAHY Board Member Interviewed During September Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Erin Pawlak, a local licensed mental health therapist and LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) board member was interviewed by WHHI during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Pawlak noted that nationwide 1 out of 10 youth have attempted suicide making it an important mental health issue. Pawlak stated that bullying, sexual orientation confusion, stressors at school, unrealistic expectations on social media, and family history of suicide are all risk factors for teen suicide. She included depression, anxiety, and home stressors as warning signs adults could look for in teens.  She stressed the importance of healthy coping skills like talking to a trusted adult or counseling. She directed viewers to visit LCAHY’s Website to view a list of mental health resources To see the full interview Click here.  Annually, LCAHY educates the community on Suicide Prevention Awareness through its E-news Letter distribution and its youth coalition, Teens for Healthy Youth, educate their peers. To read the September 2023 Suicide Prevention Awareness Edition and resources click here. Teens for Healthy Youth is an initiative of LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth.


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