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“We ID The LCAHY Way” Training

The “We ID the LCAHY Way” training was held for the staff of the Hilton Head Island Recreation Center who serve and sell alcohol during multiple community festivals throughout the year. The purpose of the training was to educate people on how to identify fake IDs.  About 20 members representing the Island Recreational Center attended this informational session with LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth with DFC Consultant/Principal Grant Investigator and DFC Grant Project Coordinator. The “We ID the LCAHY Way'' training approach was presented by a LCAHY board member representing a Substance Abuse Agency.  The individuals that attended the training plan to train their volunteers who will help during the festivals. LCAHY plans to continue to reach out to leaders of local festivals to encourage educational training sessions that will reduce teen access and use of alcohol at community events. To view the presentation click here. Reducing youth access to alcohol at festivals is one of the activities in LCAHY’s 12-Month Action Plan to prevent and reduce youth alcohol use.

Hilton Head Island Recreation staff members participating in “We ID the LCAHY Way” Training.


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