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LCAHY Promotes Two National Health Campaigns: Brain Awareness Week and Heart Healthy Month

During February American Heart Month, the Lowcountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) developed an E-News to create awareness for American Heart Month. LCAHY’s E-news included information on the effects of drugs on adolescent heart health and connected use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs to premature heart problems. To view LCAHY’s E-News on Heart Health Month click here.  In addition, LCAHY celebrated Brain Awareness Week by creating an E-News that included information on the developing teen brain, the effect of substance use on young people, and mental health disorders and teen substance use. To read more about Brain Awareness Week, read LCAHY’s E-News here.  LCAHY’s E-News is shared within the 12 community sectors and is an activity in LCAHY’s 12 Month Action Plan under Providing Information, which is part of the Seven Strategies of Community Level Change. To see past publications of LCAHY’s E-News go to


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