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Bluffton, SC Rotary Introduced to LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth

LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) Consultant and Principal Investigator for the Drug-Free Communities Grant, Dr. Novince gave an overview about the coalition to Bluffton Rotary. The purpose of the presentation was to highlight initiatives and activities implemented by LCAHY. In addition, Ben Vaught, a member of LCAHY’s Youth coalition, Teens for Healthy Youth (THY), shared projects that THY engages in to promote positive teen health. One  of the activities in LCAHY’s 12-month action plan includes face-to-face presentations to create awareness of the coalition. In addition, LCAHY hopes that the Bluffton Rotary and LCAHY will find ways to collaborate to promote healthy lifestyles in the community.  Conversations are underway for Bluffton Rotary and LCAHY to work together to educate volunteers who serve and sell alcohol on the “We ID the LCAHY Way '' training and post LCAHY’s signage to discourage the sale of alcohol to minors. LCAHY also sees this presentation as an opportunity to build the capacity of the civic sector of the coalition. To view LCAHY’s presentation to Bluffton Rotary click here.

Dr. Novice, longtime board member & Principal Investigator for DFC grant, and Ben Vaught, Teens for Healthy Youth Co-President at Bluffton High, did a face-to-face presentation to Bluffton Rotary.

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