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LCAHY Board Member Distributes Signage During COVID-19: Make Them Show Their Face • 12/2020

December 2020

David Martin, Business Sector representative of the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth Board, is posting signage at local establishments that serve and sell alcohol during COVID-19. The signage encourages employees to ask customers to remove their masks and show their faces when purchasing alcohol. David Martin, the owner of a local grocery store that sells alcohol, says it is very important to remind businesses that serve and sell alcohol to ask individuals to remove their masks when checking IDs to prevent youth from using fake IDs to purchase alcohol. This is especially important for establishments that provide alcohol to customers via curbside pickup during COVID-19. During the holidays, David Martin and his youth employees reached out to businesses in the Coligny area of Hilton Head, asking them to post “Show Your Face” signage. Next month, David plans to reach out to additional restaurants and convenience stores on the south end of Hilton Head, a popular area for tourists and youth. His goal is to have fifty establishments post signage at their place of business by the end of January 2021. Furthermore, David Martin plans to work with LCAHY board members to reach key areas in Bluffton. David Martin acknowledges that it is essential for LCAHY to work with local businesses to prevent and reduce youth access to alcohol and create community-wide change.

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