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THY Cross Schools Educate Peers on Impaired Driving During April Alcohol Awareness Month

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Teens for Healthy Youth at Cross Schools collaborated with the Bluffton Police Department, the Town of Bluffton’s Special Event Manager, and a LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth board member, representing Beaufort County Drug and Alcohol Department, to educate their peers on the dangers of impaired driving. Lyndee Simoneaux, the Town of Bluffton Special Event Manager and Bluffton Police Department's Lt. Bill Ferrelli, trained students in Lutzie43, an initiative of the Town of Bluffton, to discourage impaired and distracted driving. Students at Cross Schools were provided goggles that mimic distortions in vision caused by drunk driving. They tried to do tasks such as drive a golf cart or catch a ball when wearing the drunk goggles to experience how alcohol negatively impacts coordination and balance. THY Cross Schools educated all students grades 9-12 in the DUI Experience and plan to conduct education annually to inform youth on the risks of drunk, drugged, and distracted driving. To learn more about how THY helped launched Lutzie43 in Bluffton click here.

LCAHY Board member, Galen Sturup-Comeau, presents to a group of students at Cross Schools on negative effects and consequences of driving impaired while using alcohol.

High school students at Cross Schools try on Drunk Goggles to see if they can perform simple tasks like catching a ball when their vision and balance are distorted by the perception goggles.

A high school student at Cross Schools attempts to drive a golf cart with Drunk Goggles on under supervision from Lt. Bill Ferelli, Bluffton PD.


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