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The LCAHY and THY Educate the Community During Bluffton's Safety Spooktacular Event

LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) and its youth coalition, Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) educated the community about medicine safety during the town of Bluffton’s Safety Spooktacular Event. LCAHY Board members provided parents with Halloween bags with multiple prevention resources. The bags contained LCAHY’s year-long Rx Drop box locations Fact Card, Deterra bags, mental health resources for parents and grandparents, and a card to encourage parents to talk early and often to their children about their mental health and well-being. Meanwhile, THY passed-out candy to youth and gave them coloring sheets that said, “Say Boo to Drugs.” THY face painted kids and gave their parents THY Medicine Safety Tip Fact Card to encourage proper medicine use. LCAHY and THY’s resources were available in English and Spanish. Approximately, 500 families attended the event. LCAHY and THY plan to participate annually in the event to educate the community on medicine safety and to create awareness about the coalition and its youth coalition.

LCAHY community Board Members and a THY member staff an informational table during Bluffton’s 2023 Safety Spooktacular event.

Teens for Healthy Youth Members from Bluffton High, Cross Schools, Hilton Head High, and Hilton Head Christian Academy staffed an informational table during the Safety Spooktacular community event.

LCAHY Board Member and THY Advisor May River High distributes LCAHY’s prevention resources to a parent.

LCAHY put together Halloween bags for parents that contain LCAHY’s year-long Rx Drop box locations, Deterra bags, information on mental health resources, and a fact card to encourage parents to talk early and often to their children about their health and wellness.

LCAHY’s Proper Medication Disposal Fact Card in English and Spanish was distributed during Safety Spooktacular.

LCAHY’s Talk Early and Often to Your Children About Their Health & Wellness Fact Card distributed during the event.

THY members face painted kids to provide an opportunity for THY members to talk to parents about medicine safety and to distribute their medicine safety tip fact card.

THY member talks to parents In English and Spanish about medicine safety and distributes THY’s Medicine Safety Tip Fact Card.

Future Teens for Healthy Youth member passes out over 500 coloring sheets that read, “Say Boo to Drugs” to children at Safety Spooktacular.

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