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LCAHY Board Member Hires Bilingual Therapist to Meet Needs of Growing Hispanic Population

Updated: Jun 7

Dr. Stevens, a LCAHY Board Member representing the health sector who is CEO of Wright Directions, a mental health agency, initiated steps to serve the mental health needs of the growing Latino population with Hilton Head and Bluffton by hiring Dr. Doris M. Feliciano-Vega, a Puerto Rican Bilingual In-School Therapist. Dr. Feliciano-Vega has a passion for providing services to the underserved minority and Spanish speaking populations. At a prior LCAHY Board Meeting, the need to increase mental health service to the Spanish-speaking population was presented. Dr. Stevens announced the hiring of Dr. Feliciano-Vega at LCAHY’s recent Cultural Competency training provided by Diane Dromsky, Beaufort County Director of Multilingual Learner Program. Enhancing Access and Reducing Barriers is an activity within LCAHY’s 12-Month Action Plan to create community-level change. LCAHY will continue to encourage agencies providing mental health or prevention services to provide services in English and Spanish to meet the needs of the community.


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