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THY Inaugural Induction Ceremony • 11/15/2018

November 15, 2018

Students from Bluffton High School, Hilton Head Christian Academy, Hilton Head Prep, and May River became official members of Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) during its inaugural induction ceremony. THY is dedicated to promoting positive teen health through leadership, service, advocacy, and peer to peer education.

These youth are leaders and role models in their schools and the greater community. At the event, they were recognized by Mrs. Pamela Maddox, LCAHY board member and assistant principal at McCraken Middle School, for their dedication and courage in educating their peers on the risks of drugs and alcohol and other risk factors and promoting positive change. THY Bluffton High president and youth representative for the coalition, Grey Anne Cummings, applauded her peers for their decision to live healthy lives, positively influence their peers, and encouraged fellow THY members to continue their efforts.

THY is an initiative of the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth, a recipient of the Drug Free Communities grant. This is a significant event because it is a goal for the coalition to grow youth participation. These teens will play a significant role in growing the youth coalition and THY influence across its communities.


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