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THY Encourage Peers to Participate in National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week Trivia Challenge • 3/22

March 22nd-March 26th, 2021

Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) at Bluffton High School encouraged their peers to participate in NIDA’s National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week Trivia Challenge. During morning announcements, THY members declared that Bluffton High would participate in National Alcohol and Drug Facts Week and encouraged their peers to take the trivia challenge during their lunch. They informed their peers that two individuals that completed the challenge and turned in their certificate of completion to THY Advisor, Laura Pirkey, would randomly be selected to win a gift card. The Bluffton High School student news entitled “No Cap News” covered the event in their report. One important fact that the peers learned during the event is that teen brains are still developing and are susceptible to drug use and abuse. Approximately, 700 students participated in the event. To view the student news please go to (coverage starts at minute 1:45). THY plans to engage their peers in year-round prevention education to prevent and reduce teen use of drugs and alcohol.

Mrs. McDonagh’s class completed the National Drug and Alcohol Fact Trivia Challenge.


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