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THY Bluffton High School Educate 8th Graders at McCracken Middle School

Teens for Healthy Youth at Bluffton High School educated 8th graders in Prevention Plus Wellness SPORT Program during their PE/Health classes. Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) promotes total health and wellness by promoting positive behaviors such as eating healthy, sleeping 8 hours a night, exercising, reducing stress, and avoiding substance use. The program includes specific reasons why drugs hinder athletic performance such as that marijuana causes problems with balance and coordination. THY members also stressed to the 8th graders that the perception that all high school students use alcohol or drugs is inaccurate. In fact, most high school students choose not to use drugs or alcohol in favor of healthy lifestyles. They shared personal reasons they choose not to use drugs or alcohol such as not wanting to lose their sports scholarship. During the event THY also distributed their PPW Tip Fact Card to the 8th graders, which provides numerous tips for promoting total health and wellness. To view a video about THY engaging in peer to peer education at McCracken go to THY Educate Rising 9th Graders in PPW. THY plans to educate 7th and 6th graders this semester as well.


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