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THY Bills for the Bahamas • 9/11-13/2019

September 11-September 13, 2019

Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) at Bluffton High School worked with their peers to raise money for the Red Cross to support relief efforts in the Bahamas for victims of Hurricane Dorian. The youth challenged their peers to see which first block class could raise the most money for the Bahamas. The school-wide challenged raised $2,220. The winning class raised over $300 and will receive a breakfast to be donated from Dunkin Donuts. Individual students donated their paychecks and birthday money to help the Bahamians. The Teens for Healthy Youth fundraiser was filmed by Beaufort County School District and the featured on four local Savannah news channels including WTOC, WJCL, WSAV, and WGTS. The Bluffton Today newspaper also featured Bills for the Bahamas. THY wanted to raise money for the Bahamas to show that BLHS cares about the people of the Bahamas. Many students at Bluffton High have experience evacuating and dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes and know that it can be a stressful event and wanted to do something to help. Teens for Heathy Youth hope they will inspire other people in the community to donate to the Red Cross. Teens for Healthy Youth is dedicated to promoting positive teen health and is the youth coalition of LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth, a recipient of the Drug-Free Communities Grant.

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