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Teens for Healthy Youth Address Bullying During October National Bullying Prevention Month 2023

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Teens for Healthy Youth addressed National Bullying Prevention Month 2023 in multiple ways. At Hilton Head Christian Academy, THY members collaborated with their school counselor to develop their own YouTube video on the signs of bullying to be shown to the upper school during Wellness Wednesdays. The THY video included tips on addressing bullying behaviors such as redirecting behaviors, confronting with kindness, or reporting bullying to an adult and showed students at Hilton Head Christian Academy how to find and how to fill out an anonymous referral form to the counselors to report bullying. To view THY’s Bullying Prevention video go to At Bluffton High School, THY posted signage on bullying throughout the building that included the signs of bullying and 12 tips for being an upstander that included speaking up for someone that can’t, supporting individuals who are victimized, and refraining from gossiping. THY also made postings for the THY Instagram to discourage and prevent cyberbullying. Year-round THY promotes the message to make kindness the norm to discourage bullying.


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