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LCAHY/THY Stress Presentation for Teens • 12/11/2019

December 11, 2019

Teens for Health Youth (THY) at Bluffton High School wanted to help their peers deal with the stress experienced near the end of the semester during final exam time. To help their peers get through the semester, THY invited Dr. Debi Lynes to present on teen stress to Bluffton High School students. Dr. Lynes presentation included what stress is, provided tips and tools on how to manage stress, such as mindfulness, and allowed for a question and answer session. Dr. Lynes is a local therapist and a board member of the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth. After the presentation, attendees were given a teen stress fact card that listed stressors frequently reported by teens and a list of healthy ways to cope with stress adapted from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and produced by LCAHY. THY hopes that providing teens with healthy coping strategies will help prevent unhealthy coping strategies such as the use of drugs and alcohol.


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