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HHCA THY Promotes National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

Hilton Head Christian Academy’s Teens For Healthy Youth promoted National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week March 20-24, 2023. Students read important information each day on the morning announcements, created and hung posters with facts, and shared a Kahoot learning activity for E-10 classes to play. To culminate the week’s events, HHCA’s THY hosted a motivational speaker and author to speak to middle and upper school students during chapel. Through relatable stories about anxiety, depression, and his former dependence on drugs and alcohol, the presenter’s real-life message of addiction, recovery, and hope impacted students and faculty deeply, touching people’s hearts in a memorable way. His presentation included a call-to-action to reach out to a trusting adult if they were struggling and needed help. THY HHCA plans to participate in National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week annually.


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