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Teens for Healthy Youth Participate in the 2023 Angel Tree Project

Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) participated in the 2023 Angel Tree Project by purchasing gifts for teens in need during the holiday season.  Teens for Healthy Youth acknowledge that stress can be a risk factor for youth substance use. Additionally, e-cigarette use among youth is frequently used to mitigate stress. THY’s Teen Stress Fact card, E-cigarette fact card, and THY informational brochure were placed in the stockings for these teens. Teens for Healthy Youth, the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth’s (LCAHY) Youth coalition, is working to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) through community service projects.

Teens for Healthy Youth fill stockings with hygiene products and snacks for teens.

THY Members wrapped shoes, a jacket, a sweater, and school shirt for their anonymous teen in need.

THY’s Teen Stress Fact Card provides tips to manage stress in positive ways.

THY’s E-cigarette Fact Card was added to each stocking.


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