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Teens for Healthy Youth Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week

Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week to promote positive school climate and discourage negative behaviors like substance abuse. THY Hilton Head Christian Academy challenged their school daily to engage in specific Random Acts of Kindness via THY’s Instagram and their schools’ social media platforms. THY groups also displayed their banners that say “Make Kindness the Norm '' to encourage their peers to be kind all year round. THY at Bluffton High School also surprised administrators, teachers, and staff with “Goodie Bags” on Valentine’s Day. THY members donated materials like pens, post-it notes, and candy for the Goodie Bags and added THY’s Teacher Stress Fact Card to encourage healthy stress coping mechanisms. Teens for Healthy Youth is an initiative of LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth.

THY developed Instagram Postings to challenge their peers to engage in Random Acts of Kindness.

Teens for Healthy Youth members prepared teacher Goodie Bags and delivered them to their teachers’ classroom during their planning on Valentine’s Day.

Bluffton High School principal, guidance counselor, and math teacher were excited to receive Goodie Bags from THY members during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

LCAHY’s Teacher Stress Fact Card distributed to staff at Bluffton High School.


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