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Teens for Healthy Youth Educate Boys and Girls Club in Prevention Plus Wellness Vaping Program

Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) members at Bluffton High School educated middle school students at the Boys and Girls Club in Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Vaping Program during November Smoke-free/Vape-free Month.  The Prevention Plus Wellness Vaping Program promotes total health and wellness including sleep hygiene, eating healthy, managing stress, and avoiding substances like vaping and tobacco products. The PPW Vaping program educates youth on the risks of vaping such as harm to the lungs and removing nutrients from one’s body. The PPW Vaping program encourages youth to pick a goal to promote their well-being such as eating breakfast, exercising 3-4 times a week, and sleeping 8 hours a night. THY gave a pre and post-test to measure the effectiveness of the program, specifically to see if it caused the middle schooler to adapt to a new positive healthy habit. Teens for Healthy Youth gave middle school members of the Boys and Girls Club a Tobacco-Free and Vape-Free Pledge card to sign and a bracelet that reads, “The best me is drug free” and “Be Kind to Your Mind”.  They also distributed THY’s Prevention Plus Wellness Tips for promoting total health and wellness. Each Boys and Girls Club member also received a THY cup that lists tips for positively managing stress. The Boys and Girls Club also posted THY Posters on 6 Reasons to Quit Vaping. THY plans to come quarterly to the Boys and Girls Club to educate on total health and wellness and to serve as positive role models for youth in our community.

Teens for Healthy Youth members Bluffton teach PPW Vaping Program to Middle Schoolers at Boys and Girls Club.

Middle schoolers at the Bluffton Boys and Girls Club listen to THY Present PPW Vaping Program.

THY’s Prevention Plus Wellness Tip Fact Card, Stress Tips, and Tobacco/Vape Free Pledge Card distributed to middle schoolers and Boys and Girls Club. 


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