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LCAHY’s Civic Sector CIA & Bluffton Rotary Member Posts Signage to Discourage Sale of Alcohol to Minors

Updated: Jun 7

LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) Civic Sector CIA and Bluffton Rotary SC member, Cara Vercellone, worked with Bluffton Rotary to post signage to discourage the sale of alcohol to minors during Mayfest, a community festival. As a recent CIA member to the coalition, Cara was introduced to strategies that were being implemented to deter youth access to alcohol, such as posting signage, during LCAHY’s presentation to Bluffton Rotary. After the presentation, Cara and fellow Rotarians enthusiastically embraced the idea of including signage at their upcoming festival to reduce youth access to alcohol. Bluffton Rotary member and LCAHY’s Civic Sector CIA, posted LCAHY’s signage that read “We Know the Law, do You? Are you 21? No ID=No Sale” at the tents that served and sold beer and wine to community festival attendees. See an example of LCAHY’s signage below. Bluffton Rotary plans to post LCAHY’s Signage at upcoming community festivals such as during the Arts and Seafood Festival and Oyster Roast Festival. Posting signage to prevent underage drinking is an activity in LCAHY’s 12-Month Action Plan under Strategy 6- Change Physical Design to create community level change.

Bluffton Rotary members display LCAHY’s signage that Bluffton Rotary used during Mayfest to prevent sale of alcohol to minors.

This is the signage LCAHY provided for Bluffton Rotary to post during Mayfest.

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