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LCAHY’s Chair Interviewed About Medicine Safety Awareness • 5/11-12/2020

May 11th and May 12th, 2020

LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth’s chair, Wendy Cummings, was interviewed by WHHI about Medicine Safety Awareness during SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week. Wendy Cummings stressed the importance of properly storing, monitoring, and disposing of prescription medication to prevent youth access. LCAHY’s chair noted that this was especially important during COVID-19 as individuals may be experiencing more stress or anxiety and be more susceptible to substance use during sheltering in place. She also encouraged community members to talk to youth often and early about medicine safety and to visit LCAHY’s website for more resources related to medicine safety, including a list of medication drop box locations in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island at


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