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LCAHY Board Member Presents “The Opioid Crisis: Its Impact Across the Lifespan”• Summer/2020

Summer 2019

Dr. Loretta Novince, a developmental psychologist and LCAHY’s consultant, presented a workshop for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB). She provided an overview of who the vulnerable populations are across the lifespan and why they are at risk. She stated that the Opioid Crisis threatens the well-being of Americans at every age, socioeconomic level, race/ethnicity, and in every neighborhood. Dr. Marty Pauls, a local dentist and LCAHY Board Member, spoke about how he lost his young adult son to opioid addiction that began in adolescence. During the workshop, attention was given to the opioid crisis in SC/Beaufort County, and what plans are in place statewide and locally to combat the epidemic. Dr. Novice encouraged the participants to be part of the solution, provided the LCAHY Rx Fact Card, and directed the participants to LCAHY’s website for more information Dr. Novice has presented on this topic several times including for Beaufort County Public Libraries Podcast series.


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