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LCAHY Alcohol Awareness Month • 04/2019

April 2019

LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth (LCAHY) provided educational information and resources during April Alcohol Awareness Month to the Coalition Board/membership, representing the twelve community sectors, via Mailchimp, which allows users to share the information on their personal Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. The Alcohol Awareness information featured South Carolina’s underage drinking laws, underage drinking consequences, and information regarding the town of Bluffton, SC’s new distracted driving campaign. The messaging about SC’s underage drinking laws was also delivered to high school classrooms using the platform Google Classroom. A teacher at a local high school, gave his students the opportunity to do a scavenger hunt using the facts found in the material. LCAHY plans to deliver more prevention information during National Prevention Week, May 12th to May 18th, 2019. LCAHY also plans to work with teachers and administrators to get additional informative materials to students via Google Classrooms, a widely used educational platform across the school district. LCAHY is a recipient of the Drug Free Communities Grant and is dedicated to uniting the community to promote positive choices.


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