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Resources for Children and Adolescents Experiencing Grief

This page not only allows caregivers but also children and adolescents expressing grief the opportunity to access credible and reliable resources.

National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGG)

  • NACG offers grief resources for children and teens that range from a “Teen Grief Journal” to coloring pages to book talks. These allow caregivers to give their children and/or teens what they need in their time of hardship. 


Good Grief (Gg)

  • Good Grief offers grief resources. These resources range from TED talks, tips/support and education on what grief is. 

Mayo Clinic Health System

  • Mayo Clinic Health System offers a quick read article that allows caregivers to educate themselves on how grief may look in their children. They also offer support to caregivers on how they can help their children through their grief in a healthy way.  

Mental Health America (MHA) 

  • MHA offers education to caregivers on how to support their children and/or teens through their grief.

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

  • NASP gives caregivers strategies for families dealing with an anticipatory loss or a sudden loss of a loved one. 

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