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Tobacco and Vaping Education for Youth
American Lung Association
  •  Resource that teaches teens about the dangers of nicotine dependence.
Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit 
  •  You and Me, Together Vape-Free curriculum, a 6-lesson evidence-based curriculum created by the Stanford REACH Lab.
American Lung Association N-O-T: Not on Tobacco
  • Ten sessions using small group format with interactive learning activities
Catch My Breath
  • Short lessons that meet several National Academic Standards
Truth Initiative's Vaping: Know the Truth
  • Digital sessions for 8th-12th Graders available through EVERFI
American Lung Association
  • The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy and research. The American Lung Association also provides resources regarding what parents should know about E-cigarettes and vaping including educational programs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • CDC is the nation’s leading science-based, data-driven, service organization that protects the public’s health. This resources gives insight into the risks and what you can do as a parent to protect your child or teen from the dangers e-cigarette use.
Dangers of Smoking Non-Nicotine E-Cigarettes 
  • Learn more about the Dangers of Smoking Non-Nicotine E-Cigarettes.
Parents Against Vaping E-Cigarettes 
  • PAVe is a national grassroots organization founded in 2018 by three New York City moms as a response to the youth vaping epidemic. 
The Truth about Vaping (American Heart Association) 
  • The American Heart Association offers various resources and tips for parents and youth on vaping.
Take Action
  • Take Actions offers resources on how to talk about vaping to youth.
Youth Vaping Prevention Video: What Parents & Schools Need to Know (Catch My Breath)
Quitting Resources:
Prepare to Quit (​
  • Smoke-free website offers tips and resources on how to quit smoking.
The Truth Initiative on Quitting
  • The Truth Initiative addresses the youth e-cigarette use public health crisis created an urgent need for resources to help young people quit vaping. 
Tips for Quitting During Stress
  •  The Truth Initiative offers resources on quitting tobacco users who are trying to quit or want to start.
How to Quit Using Tobacco (American Cancer Society)
  • The American Cancer Society gives a guide to quitting tobacco and other helpful resources.
Teens For Healthy Youth: 6 Reasons to Quit Vaping 
  • Teens for Healthy Youth (THY) created a poster to help give e-cigarette users 6 reasons to quit vaping.
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