THY Educate Teens Via THY Instagram during National Prevention Week & May Mental Health & Substance Abuse Awareness Month

May 2022

THY educated teens via THY Instagram during SAMSHA’s National Prevention Week and May Mental Health & Substance Abuse Awareness Month.  THY incorporated SAMSHA’s National Prevention Week Social Media Posts into their social media campaign. They also developed their own postings for Instagram to promote positive mental health. Teens for Healthy Youth plan to use their social media to prevent teen substance use and promote positive mental health in youth year-round. To follow Teens for Healthy Youth go to @teensforthealthyyouth1. THY is the LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth’s Youth Coalition. To learn more about THY’s accomplishments visit THY Success Stories.

THY educated their peers on binge drinking during National Prevention Week using SAMSHA’s Bringing Down Binge Drinking social media template.
THY shares SAMSHSA’s social media post Exposing Marijuana’s Hidden Dangers.
THY shares risks of e-cigarettes and addiction on their Instagram account during National Prevention Week.
THY creates awareness for teen suicide on their Instagram and provides resources like National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
THY encourage their peers to not share prescription medications with friends to prevent misuse of prescription medications.
THY educate peers on harmful risks of drug or substance use and abuse.
THY educate peers on healthy sleep recommendations

Ethan Barrera, THY Bluffton High member, has been dedicated to developing Instagram posts daily throughout the 2021-2022 school year to prevent and reduce teen substance use and encourage positive teen health.