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School Administrator Presents “Cultural Awareness in Our Community” • 6/21/2021

LCAHY Hosts May Day 5K Walk/Run • 5/15/2021

LCAHY promotes SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week & May Mental Health & Substance Abuse Awareness Month 2021 • 5/2021

Audrey Weidner Recognized as LCAHY’s Outstanding Senior Award Recipient 2020-2021 • 5/2021

LCAHY Participates in DEA National Rx Take Back Day • 4/24/2021

LCAHY Board Member Distributes Signage During COVID-19: Make Them Show Their Face • 12/2020

LCAHY and THY Participate in Reverse Christmas Parade in Bluffton, SC • 12/05/2020

Town of Bluffton Supports Smoke-Free and Vape-Free Awareness Month • 11/10/2020

LCAHY Board Member Presents “The Opioid Crisis: Its Impact Across the Lifespan”• Summer/2020

LCAHY Board Members Create & Display Stop Underage Drinking Signage at Local Businesses • 7/14/2020

LCAHY Consultant Voices Concerns on SNL Skit that Features Youth Drinking• 6/3/2020

Youth Drinking and Drug Use are Unsafe Unhealthy and Illegal

Youth Coordinator of LCAHY Criticizes SNL for Promoting Youth Drinking • 5/17/2020

LCAHY’s Chair Interviewed About Medicine Safety Awareness • 5/11-12/2020

Proclamations for May Mental Health and Substance Use Awareness Month • 5/11/2020


Board Member David Martin’s Op Editorial Posted in Island Packet • 5/08/2020

DEA Highlights LCAHY’s Coping with COVID-19 Crisis Resources • 5/11/2020

LCAHY Chair Delivers a Message to Talk to Youth About the Risks of Vaping & Smoking During COVID-19 • 4/23/2020

LCAHY’s Social Marketing Campaign Addresses COVID-19 Risks • 4/06/2020

LCAHY Provides Resources for Coping with COVID-19 • 3/27/2020

LCAHY Provides Medication Disposal Box to Bluffton Police Department• 1/6/2020

Local Business Owner and LCAHY Board Member Stops Selling Tobacco Products • 12/18/2019

LCAHY and THY present to Hilton Head/Bluffton Chamber’s Business Education Partnership Committee • 12/03/2019

LCAHY National Take Back Day • 10/26/2019

LCAHY Faith-Based Information Breakfast • 07/31/2019

LCAHY Outstanding Senior Recognition Award • 06/20/2019

LCAHY Server/Seller Training for “Coastal Restaurants & Bars of HHI” • 06/18/2019 & 06/19/2019

LCAHY Acceptance of National Prevention Week Proclamation from the Mayor of Bluffton • 05/14/2019

LCAHY National Take Back Day • 04/27/2019

LCAHY We ID Signage at RBC Heritage Pro Golf Tournament • 04/14/2019 – 04/20/2019

LCAHY Alcohol Awareness Month • 04/2019

LCAHY E-Cigarette, Vapes, and JUULs Community Forum • 04/03/2019 and 04/04/2019

Students Attend LCAHY & THY School Assemblies to Learn About the Dangers of E-cigarettes and Vaping• 04/03/2019 and 04/04/2019

We ID the LCAHY Way Training • 04/02/2019

LCAHY Board Trained by National Organization • 01/12/2019

LCAHY 3D (Drunk, Drugged, and Distracted Driving) Holiday Campaign • 12/22/2018

LCAHY National Take Back Day • 10/27/2018

LCAHY Educates about Rx Abuse at Bluffton PD’s National Night Out • 10/02/2018

Community Forum: “Medical Marijuana and How it May Impact Your Community” • 09/05/18

LCAHY Cultural Competency Board Training • 5/21/18

WTOC Highlights LCAHY’s Community Forum on the Opioid Crisis• 1/30/2018


LCAHY Community Opioid Forum • 1/29/18